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 hybrid double decker

This is a non profit enthusiast website set up to provide everything you ever need to know about Double Decker buses, from the history of the bus to its design, usage, the models available and the countries it is used in.

In our History section we have information on the origins of the double decker, from the horse drawn Omnibuses of the 1800’s to thew first motorized double deckers, and the Iconic Routemaster London bus.

Our Countries section looks at the different areas all over the world currently employing double deckers in a commercial nature, and their roles.

The Models category takes a look at a few of the hundreds of different double decker models, past and present.

On the Concept Buses page you will see some of the futuristic designs for double deckers that have been proposed, with alternative designs, powertrains and construction methods to make the buses lighter, greener and more fuel efficient.

And for further reading in more detail, we have links to other websites with fantastic detailed information on double deckers in our Resources section.

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