Concept Buses

Manufacturers are coming up with new bus designs all the time, but due to their generic and functional nature they rarely stand out.

Design A New Bus For London Logo

Thankfully the recent Design A New Bus For London competition run by TfL (Transport for London) and the Mayor Boris Johnson produced a whole host of innovative and good looking designs the are a fresh take on the Double decker, with a big helping of inspiration from the classic Routemaster design.

Our favourite, and joint winner of the competition was this one, developed in a joint venture between the archetypal British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin, and leading architects Foster + Partners.

aston-martin-and-foster-partners bus

It was designed as a zero emissions vehicle using electric motors inside each wheel for propulsion. Whilst the styling has a few neat retro touches it is especially modern looking from the rear, and has a large double side door for easy central access, and also reintroduces the rear open access platform that made the original Routemaster bus so convenient.

Aston+Foster bus cutaway

The top deck of the bus has a glazed roof which incorporates solar panels to help power the buses ancillary systems. On winning the competition, Lord Foster said:
“I am delighted that we have won joint first prize with the Aston Martin/Foster + Partners design. This project has really captured my imagination. London’s buses are so much a part of the essence of this city – functionally, symbolically and geographically… Our design seeks to combine contemporary innovation with timelessness. Like the original Routemaster – which was ahead of its time and consequently endured – a new bus for London should establish a whole new travel experience that espouses 21st century aspirations, while celebrating the memory and the experience of the original.”

Aston + Foster Bus Rear


To see some of the other great designs that were entered into the competition in full detail, you can visit the TfL website by following this link: TfL Design A New Bus For London Competition.